How to handle a break-in situation?

Unfortunately in today’s life, more and more people are becoming victims of a break-in so the only thing that we can do is to find a way to recover from it. Locksmith Adelaide is here to answer all your questions! Had to face a break-in? Please give us a call so we could help you to recover and make sure you will be safe again.

In addition, we know that after a break-in occurs, the first thing that most people check is what was taken and the damage that was done. But, there is one more important thing you should do. You should restore your security and make sure to upgrade it so it won’t happen again.

Please remember, it is very important to call a professional locksmith service after a break-in situation. Once the police are done with their work and take fingerprints, we can come and help you! One of the most important things you should do immediately is to get your locks change. We at Locksmith Adelaide can change all your locks on the spot. Moreover, you can ask the locksmith to do a full inspection of all your locks and doors, to know exactly what needs to be repaired.

Our technicians are here to help you at all times! We offer 24 Hour emergency locksmith service with the fastest response time! Our professional technicians will arrive at your location within ONLY 20 minutes. Also, you don’t need to worry, we hire only the most professional and kind technicians. So, in case of need, they will come right away and assist you.

What should you do in order to handle a break-in situation?

Change the locks

We highly recommend you not only change the lock the burglar came in, but also considering changing all the locks in the property. That is because there are many ways for a burglar to break into a property. For example, they can use the windows, the balcony, and even the garage door. So, in case you decide not to change all the locks, please remember that you will make it easier for the burglar to enter your property next time. In addition, the burglar can even take photos of your locks or even or memorize it, and then next time he will be able to enter from another place that you didn’t change the lock-in.

Once the technician arrives at your property, you should ask him to change and repair any malfunction locks. Also, you need to make sure they work only with the most advanced and professional locks companies.


Furthermore, we highly suggest you don’t try to change the locks by yourself. We know that there are many DIY videos that explain its cheaper to buy a lock and then install it yourself. However, we promise, doing it by yourself isn’t good. Trying to install the lock by yourself can cause serious damage to the door and eventually will cost more. It’s very important that only a professional technician will maintain your lock. That way you can assure your property is safe in the best way.

Moreover, if you wish to be extra safe, you shouldn’t only change your locks, but also you can replace them with smarter locks with a combination or fingerprint. Be sure, these smart locks will scare off the burglars from your property.

Use a security system

Most people prefer not to use a security system in their house of their business, even after they experienced a burglary for many reasons. Some say it’s expensive and unnecessary. Some might think that using it is a bit too much for them and that they don’t need it.

However, based on our experience and many studies made on the subject, using a security system lowers the chances of a break-in. That is because it deters burglars. Most of them will choose not to target property using a security system, at the risk of getting caught.

Also, a brand new security system has many advantages in keeping you safe. First of all, it’ll alert you of any suspicious activity occurring. In addition, by using it, you’ll be able to monitor your property live! The cameras installed can broadcast directly to your phone or computer 24/7.

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