Security Tips for keeping your home safe while you’re away

You finally made the time for the vacation you have been dreaming of? Have you already packed up everything you need? That is great! But did you make sure that your home is fully secured before you leave? Moreover, did you take all the necessary actions to avoid a break-in while you’re gone?

Most people believe that simply locking everything is enough in order to keep their house safe. Meaning, if enough to make sure that all windows, the doors and the gate are closed before leaving. However, they couldn’t be any more mistaken.

Also, did you know that most break-in incidents occur while vacationing times? That’s because most burglars know that people won’t follow any extra guidance but locking their door, which makes them an easy target.

That’s why we at Locksmith Adelaide wrote down a small list of tips you can follow in order to prevent a break-in to your property while you’re gone. However, please remember that if unfortunately, you have to face a break-in situation, you can always contact us and we will come right away at any time to change your locks.


Locksmith Adelaide Security Tips for Going On Vacation

Arrange help from someone you trust

Before leaving, make sure you have someone you trust in case someone is trying to break into your property . For example, your neighbors, family members, or a close friend. Furthermore, ask them to visit your property a couple of times and make it seem like it is still occupied. Moreover, to maximize their help, they could follow a small list of actions – Such as, collecting the mail, empty the bins, etc.

Check your security

Before leaving, check that all of the locks are fully operational and have no problem. That way in case one of them isn’t working, you could repair it before you leave. In addition, consider installing a security system. You can find many kinds of security systems at different prices. Remember, even the cheapest one is better than nothing.

Leave a light on

You can also leave a light on that can be seen from the outside.

That way the burglar might think there’s someone in the house so he wouldn’t want to break in.

Clear your lawns

If you have a yard or a small lawn, make sure it’s clear and clean before you leave. Collect all your tools, equipment or even toys and place it in a safe place. In addition, if you have a gate or a garage door, make sure you can lock it and it’s working properly.

To sum up,

There’re a few actions you can take other than simply lock your property.

Although following them doesn’t promise you won’t have a break-in, but it’ll minimize the chances of a break in to your house.

Also, please call us in case you need our professional locksmith services.

We’re here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.