Our Booking Process – How to easily use our service

Found yourself in need of professional locksmith service but you’re not sure how to book it? Moreover, there’s way too much information and you just want someone to come and help you?

Don’t worry! We at Locksmith Adelaide made our booking process as easy as possible!


You can book our service by simply contacting us at the number 08-7100-1992. 

We provide our locksmith service 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week! So, there’ll always be someone available to come and assist you. In addition, we promise you the best and most professional locksmith service. Our technicians are the most experienced so they can help with any lock problem you’re facing. Moreover, we guarantee you will get the best results possible with no damage at all!.

In addition, we keep our response time as short as possible – ONLY 20 minutes! We do it by keeping our technicians mobile and spread all around the area. That way, you can give us a call and we will send you the nearest technician to your location.

Furthermore, each and every one of the technicians is licensed, bonded, and fully covered. Also, they’re well trained and have years of experience in the field. They are very professional and can help with any kind of problem you’re facing. Whether it’s a house or a car lockout, or changing the lock – we can fix it on the spot. But, most importantly we will fix it without any damage to the lock.

booking process

How does our booking process work

The first step – contact us

We at Locksmith Adelaide are available at all times for all kinds of lock-related emergencies. We will send you the best technician to your problem right away! Just give us a call and the tech will be on his way to you.

The second step – Explain what happened

In order to send you the best technician for your problem, we would ask for a short explanation of your problem. For example, if you need help with opening a door, a car or if you need a lock change/rekey. Also, in case you need us to unlock your car, we will also ask for the make and model of the car.

The Third Step – provide us all the details

Once you agree to our pricing and want to get a locksmith sent over to you we would ask for your exact address and available phone number. However, there are some cases when you can’t reach your phone. We suggest you use someone’s phone, it could be a near-by store or someone on the street. Moreover, please remember to stay available at this phone number for 5 minutes so the technician could call you to confirm the address.

That’s it! From this point, all you need to do is to wait for our technician to arrive!

And like mentioned before, our response time will be as short as possible and our 

service will be to your satisfaction.

 Please feel free to call us whenever you need help! That is why we are here!