TIPS for choosing the best Locksmith service

Need a professional locksmith to help you unlock your house or your car?

We are fully aware that most of the professional technicians can help you with any kind of lock problem. Whether it’s simply to unlock a front door, unlock a car or even replace the lock.

However, the main question and the biggest concern for all clients who find themselves in need of a locksmith is – How to choose the best one.

Further, there are many factors that can influence your choice. Therefore, we at Locksmith Adelaide put together a small list of TIPS in order to help you makeup your mind and eventually choose the perfect locksmith service for your problem.

Cheapest prices

We know that for many people the main concern is how much does a professional locksmith service cost. That is because sometimes ordering a locksmith service isn’t something cheap. Therefore, we suggest you call different companies and ask them for their prices. 

We, at Locksmith Adelaide, are offering the cheapest prices in the area! Only $45 for the service call! We are aware that COVID19 is still affecting everyone’s life. So, our locksmith services remain cheap and affordable for everyone. Please feel free to contact us at all times at the number 08-7100-1992.


When you order a locksmith service, another important thing that you must check is their availability to send someone right away or for another time you want. In most cases, the customer needs a locksmith urgently, whether it’s to open a house or a car.

Therefore please remember to ask, when calling a locksmith service, when the technician will arrive at your location. That way you can be sure you choose the locksmith company with the fastest response time.

We, at Locksmith Adelaide will arrive at your location within only 20 minutes and we will help you with your lock problem on the spot!. Moreover, in case you don’t need the service right away, we can book an appointment for you for another time you’d like.

Try Local service instead of National Call Centres

We highly recommend you to order a local professional locksmith service instead of using a national call center. That is because a national call center will send the job to anyone in the area. Meaning, you can’t  know when the technician will arrive at your location and that isn’t good because you probably need the service urgently.

Furthermore, a national locksmith service usually doesn’t do full checks on their technicians. So, they can send you an unprofessional locksmith that won’t do a good job. Also, they will often charge far more than your local locksmith will.

Our locksmith company provides only local services! Meaning, we will send you the nearest and  the most professional technician to your location!.

professional locksmith


One more important thing you should check is whether the locksmith company is insured and bonded. Moreover, you should make sure that the locksmith service you choose offers a guarantee on all the parts.

So, in case you suddenly find out there is something wrong with the lock, a tech will come back to check it without extra charge!. We at Locksmith Adelaide guarantee you will get the most professional lock service and in case of any problem you can call us back!.

We choose our locksmiths very carefully and make sure they are very patient and kind. They will always do their best to help you out and provide you with the best price in the market! All of our technicians work around the clock 24/7.

In conclusion, 

Please remember it is very important to check all those details.

That way you can rest assured that you choose the prefect locksmith service for you.

Feel free to call us at all times and ask any question that worries you!

We are available 24 Hours a day for all kinds of emergencies!