What are the cases to call a locksmith service?

We are fully aware that more and more people find themselves unemployed as a result of COVID19. Therefore, many people try to save their money as much as possible. However, there are unexpected situations in life where you must use a professional service. For instance, if you got locked outside of your house or if you need a lock change for any reason. Moreover, we can even help you open your car in case you forgot the keys inside!

We know that some people will prefer to fix the problem by themselves in order to save that money. But, that will most likely cause damage to the lock. The best thing you should do once a situation like this occurs is to call a professional locksmith service. Think about it, is it really a good thing to do it by yourself only to get it repaired after?

So, what are the other cases that you should order a locksmith? When should you contact a professional locksmith service to help? In order to help you sort this out, we at Locksmith Adelaide put together a list of cases you need to call a locksmith service to assist you.

Furthermore, please remember that Locksmith Adelaide is here to help 24 Hours a day. Our professional technicians are available at all times to come and assist you. Please feel free to contact us whenever you need our locksmith service or if you have a question to ask.


The cases you should use a locksmith service

House or Bedroom Lockout

Forgot your key inside the house and locked yourself outside? You can’t manage to open your door? we can help you with this! Just give us a call and we will send you a technician right away. Don’t try to open it by yourself by following videos online. It’ll most likely damage your lock, and the cost to repair the lock will be higher than it was to unlock it.

Lock change or Lock Re-key

First of all, a lock rekey means changing the key so it will match your lock or changing the ‘pins’ in the lock so it will match your original key. Moreover, there are many reasons to do a lock change. For example, if someone broke into your house or in case you lost your keys. We know that some people think it’s expensive and unnecessary but remember that this lock will keep you safe, so don’t underestimate it. 

Lock repair

As obvious as it may seem, a locksmith can repair almost any lock. Whether it’s a broken key stuck inside, the key isn’t turning, or you can’t lock it, Our locksmith company can help you! This is our profession and what we do best.

Car lockout

Forgot your key inside the car and now it’s locked? Please call us so we could help you! Trying to open the car by yourself, or even following a guide, will probably damage the car. You might damage the locking system of the car and make it harder to repair. You can make the problem worse by simply not calling a locksmith service from the start.


Those are the main cases when you should contact a locksmith. There’re many other cases you should use a locksmith. For example, Safe unlock or repair, unlock mailbox or lock change, garage door, and more!.

To sum up,

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